Service Learning Courses in Sociology

Service Project SOC 101-CC6 and 101-CC9

Students will focus on Census Tract 57 in Rochester's "crescent" of child poverty, crime, and unemployment. Student teams will participate in understanding and in developing real solutions to specific neighborhood problems


Service Project SOC 200-CC1

All students will research information on various social issues for NEAD (North East Area Development), a community association in one of Rochester’s most struggling neighborhoods. Student research will be utilized by NEAD in planning future projects and policies.


SOC 209 - Environmental Sociology - WR | Course Descriptions | Monroe Community College

SOC 209 - Environmental Sociology - WR

An introduction to the key theoretical approaches and research within the emerging field of environmental sociology, and an examination of the ongoing research on how environmental problems have roots in social processes, such as culture, community, social inequality, social organization and social structure. Students will examine how human values about the environment and the relationships between humans and our physical environment are socially constructed. Students will develop a working knowledge of sociological research methods and theoretical perspectives in their analyses of the relationship between human societies and the physical environment. Offered in the Fall, Spring and Summer Semesters. Three class hours.

3 Credits

Prerequisite: SOC 101 .

Course Offered Fall only