Service Learning Courses in Art

ART 205 - Commercial Illustration I | Course Descriptions | Monroe Community College

ART 205 - Commercial Illustration I

A course which explores a full range of current commercial illustration methods and techniques utilizing the following media: pencil, pen and ink, watercolor, and collage. Two class hours, four studio hours.

4 Credits

Prerequisites: ART 104, ART 109 or permission of instructor.

Course Offered Fall only

ART 220 - Painting II | Course Descriptions | Monroe Community College

ART 220 - Painting II

This course expands upon the foundation established in Painting I. Increased emphasis will be placed on experimentation, the expressive potentials of the medium, and on developing a perspective on the relationship between the formal techniques and the conceptual aspects of painting. Participation in individual and group critiques of work produced during the course is expected. Students are responsible for purchasing their own materials. Two class hours, three laboratory hours.

3 Credits

Prerequisite: ART 120 or permission of instructor.

Course Offered Fall and Spring

Service Project (ART 205-100, ART 220-100):

Students in this course will work directly for Northeast Area Development, Inc (NEAD) developing, and creating artistic portraits of underprivileged, economically disadvantaged children who attend the “Freedom School” tutoring program. The kids who attend the after-school-tutoring-program live within Rochester’s 14609, where the zip code maintains the second highest poverty rate in Monroe County. MCC students will meet the children and then use the encounter for creative inspiration. Completed portraits will be displayed along the walls of the Freedom School building, providing 14609 children with an everlasting connection to the community, an urban inspired neighborhood gallery, memories of their youth, as well as homage to their heritage and identity. (45 hours - Option) F-07