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PSY 201 - Developmental Psychology - Child

This course is an introduction to the foundations of development from conception through childhood. The course will explore the interdependence among the physical, cognitive, and social domains of development, and will examine various theories and research methods used to understand and study the development of infants and children. Current issues in the field and their impact on the developing child will also be highlighted. Students will be encouraged to investigate and critique recent research and its application. (SUNY-SS)

3 Credits

Prerequisite: PSY 101.

Course Offered Fall and Spring

Service Project (PSY 201-CC2):

Students in this course will partner with 292-BABY (, a Rochester support network for parents and others who have the responsibility of caring for young children.  Students will collaborate with 292-BABY in developing presentations on issues in early child cognitive development which will be presented in a talk-show format on the 292-Baby television program “Parent Talk.”  “Parent Talk” is seen in thousands of Rochester homes on Rochester cable channel 4, Monday-Friday at 9:00 PM. (15 hours) F-07