Service Learning Courses in Applied Art and Design

Service Project (AAD 112-001):
Students will partner with Wilson Commencement Park to develop a logo and poster for their Jazz for the Park event. (20 hours) F-10



AAD 205 - Graphic Design 2 | Course Descriptions | Monroe Community College

AAD 205 - Graphic Design 2

This course explores the creative display, organization and communication of ideas and information through word and image. The design principles covered in these courses apply to all presentation media; print, computer, film/video, exhibit and environmental graphics. Course projects will require typographic skills and an ability to communicate with pictorial information. Three class hours, three studio hours.

3 Credits

Prerequisite: COM 112/AAD 112

Course Offered Fall and Spring

Service Project (AAD 205-002):
Students in this section will partner with the Electrical Association of Rochester. The project includes the development of branding for EAR (logo, brochure, etc.), that will target high school students into electrical fields. (20 hours) F-10