Service Learning Courses in Art


Service Project (ART 120-200/205):
Students will complete a wall mural for the ESOL and Foreign Languages department. This mural was initiated in a service-learning project during Spring 2009. Through this project, students will experience what it is like to work with a real client on a commissioned piece of art. Design sketches, proposal presentations and execution of design will all be a part of the service experience. (15 hours - Option) F-10

Service Project (ART 205-100/105):
Students in this course will partner with the MCC Childcare Center to create a mural for the Donor Wall at The Center. The idea is to connect donors to the Childcare Center by echoing the same theme as the multipurpose room mural created by service-learners in Fall 2005. Students will present their ideas to the board members and center director and by doing so; will receive a true commissioned artwork experience. Once the design is approved, the student will begin painting the mural. Service hours will include time spent planning, preliminary drawing, working on presentations, and mural work. (200 hours) F-10