Service Learning Courses in Transitional Studies

Fall 2013

TRS 105 - Academic Writing | Course Descriptions | Monroe Community College
TRS 105 - Academic Writing

This course is designed to prepare students for success in ENG 101. This course will cover the aspects of development, revision, and writing of academic essays, as well as language mechanics, grammar, and usage skills necessary for effective written communication. Emphasis is on the application of these skills in frequent writing assignments and revisions of academic essays. Three class hours per week, three fee hours. Three imputed credit hours; no credits earned.

No Credit

Pre-requisite(s): Accuplacer reading score of 71 - 80.9 and sentence skills score of 94.9 or lower; or reading score of 81 or above and sentence skills score of 64.9 or lower. Co-requisite: Co-enrollment in any REA 100 for students with Accuplacer reading comprehension scores between 71 - 80.9

Course Offered Fall and Spring

  • Service Project (TRS 105-002):
    Students will be tutoring writing at Mercier.
    (20 hours — Option) F-13