Service Learning Courses in Art

ART 107 - Watercolor/Water-based Media | Course Descriptions | Monroe Community College

ART 107 - Watercolor/Water-based Media

This course introduces the student to the basic tools, materials and practices of watercolor and other water-based media, with an emphasis on the exploration of contemporary approaches to these media. Experimentation with materials and solutions to problems presented in class will be emphasized to instill the student with an understanding of painting as a creative act that reflects the personal sensibilities of the artist. Involvement of the student in critical evaluation of their work and the work of others will be a major component of the course. (SUNY-A)

3 Credits

Course Offered Fall and Spring

Service Project – ART 107-181 & ART 107-185
Through the Memory Project, art students will create Memory Portraits, original portraits for children living in orphanages around the world. The portraits will provide these abandoned, neglected, abused or orphaned children with a special memory of their youth and help honor their heritage and identity.

ART 290 - Independent Study | Course Descriptions | Monroe Community College

ART 290 - Independent Study

See Department Chairperson.

Variable Credit

Course Offered Spring only

Service Project – ART 290-001
In this independent study, the MCC student will be restoring the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children’s “Perdita.”  Perdita is a statue that has suffered much damage due to weather.  This statue raises public awareness about ways to prevent child abduction, endangerment and sexual exploitation.  (100 hours)