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ART 206 - Commercial Illustration II | Course Descriptions | Monroe Community College

ART 206 - Commercial Illustration II

A continuation of ART 205 emphasizing advanced illustration techniques including those utilizing basic computer skills for completion of assignments. This course focuses on illustration assignments as they are commissioned by art directors of graphic studios, ad agencies, magazines, book and newspaper companies. Two class hours, four studio hours.

4 Credits

Prerequisites: ART 104, ART 109, ART 205 or permission of instructor.

Course Offered Spring only

Service Project (Art 206-100 and Art 206-105):
Mural Project and Project Supervisor: Project for the Damon City Campus.  400 foot wall on 2nd floor (Food Court area) of Sibley Building.  Students will begin a mural project with the theme of DCC 15 year celebration.  They will ask other students/classes to partake and the Art 206 group will supervise the project.  At the end of the semester the Art 206 students will put the finishing touches on the project.  Unveiling May 1, 2008.  (100 hours) S-08