Service Learning Courses in Art

ART 204 - Drawing II | Course Descriptions | Monroe Community College
ART 204 - Drawing II

This course expands upon the basic skills developed in ART 104. The student will be provided with advanced drawing problems related to creative and expressive image making. Various approaches to methods, materials, subject and content will be explored as a way to continue to develop the student’s conceptual and perceptual abilities. Students are responsible for purchasing their own materials for this course. Two class hours, three studio hours.

3 Credits

Prerequisite: ART 104

Course Offered Fall and Spring

Service Project (ART 204-100/105):
Service-Learning students will create artistic cards for Wilson Commencement Park that will be used in mass mailing to the community. The pieces of art will be turned into postcards, thank you cards, and informational cards that will be frequently used by Wilson Commencement Park. Pieces can be in any medium but must be practical for the use of correspondence cards. Themes or subjects for the cards can be children, mothers, families, happy home life, etc. (24 hours) S-09