Service Learning Courses in Art

ART 109 - Two Dimensional Design: Foundation | Course Descriptions | Monroe Community College

ART 109 - Two Dimensional Design: Foundation

The intent of this course is to provide students with an introduction to the fundamentals of two-dimensional design. Emphasis will be placed on the elements and principles of two-dimensional design and their use as the building blocks of visual literacy. Through lectures and hands-on assignments, students will gain an understanding of the concepts, vocabulary and skills needed to facilitate their understanding of visual organization. Through the critique process students will have the opportunity to evaluate and analyze their work and the work of others. Students are responsible for purchasing their own materials for this course. Two class hours, two studio hours. (SUNY-A)

3 Credits

Course Offered Fall and Spring

Service Project (ART 109-200, 300):
ART 109 students visited EDU 150 classes to teach them how to incorporate two dimensional design into their lessons. ART students taught EDU students paper folding techniques to make simple books to enhance learning. EDU students wrote lessons reflecting the techniques in final projects. (5 hours) S-11

ART 200 - Arts Management | Course Descriptions | Monroe Community College

ART 200 - Arts Management

This course offers an opportunity to experience the day to day challenges of administrating a museum, gallery, box office, performing groups, music recording studio and theater. The student will examine the many aspects of organizing, planning, preparation, promotion and presentation of arts events and productions. The student will learn the methods of working with artists, budgeting, contracts and grant writing. Utilizing Monroe Community College's Visual and Performing Arts department facilities and other experimental spaces around the campus and Greater Rochester, students will have an opportunity to get hands-on experiences working in the field. The course will have invited guest speakers, art critics, arts managers, and other arts professionals. Field trips to the areas cultural resources will familiarize the student with the rewarding career possibilities in these professions. Three class hours.

3 Credits

Prerequisite: Minimum of 24 credits of college course study.

Course Offered Fall and Spring

Service Project (ART 200-001):
Students in this class will be working with the Freedom Collection Project - month long project w/Mercer Gallery & Diversity Group. (35 hours) S-11

ART 206 - Commercial Illustration II | Course Descriptions | Monroe Community College

ART 206 - Commercial Illustration II

A continuation of ART 205 emphasizing advanced illustration techniques including those utilizing basic computer skills for completion of assignments. This course focuses on illustration assignments as they are commissioned by art directors of graphic studios, ad agencies, magazines, book and newspaper companies. Two class hours, four studio hours.

4 Credits

Prerequisites: ART 104, ART 109, ART 205 or permission of instructor.

Course Offered Spring only

Service Project (ART 206-001):
Mural for the English Dept. (60 hours) S-11