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BUS 104 - Introduction to Business | Course Descriptions | Monroe Community College

BUS 104 - Introduction to Business

An introductory study of business including organizational forms, the function of production, finance, marketing and human resources. Additional topics will be environmental factors which impact business such as government business ethics and current business issues. Three class hours.

3 Credits

Course Offered Fall and Spring


Service Project (BUS 104-004, 009, 182):
Teams will be formed to determine how the Arthritis Foundation can best use social media and networking to enhance their brand image and to accomplish their mission of  being able to raise funds for research and for programs that help arthritis sufferers take control of their lives. (20 hours) S-11

Service Project (BUS 104-008):
Students will partner with MCC's Applied Tech Center to research how and where parts and vehicles can be obtained to support a new automotive course technology (20 hours) S-11