Service Learning Courses in Sociology

SOC 101 - Introductory Sociology | Course Descriptions | Monroe Community College
SOC 101 - Introductory Sociology

A survey of the major concepts employed in the systematic study of human relationships, with emphasis on society, culture, social interaction, socialization, groups, bureaucracy, institutions, collective behavior, social stratification, social control, social change and sociology as a field of knowledge. Three class hours. (SUNY-SS)

3 Credits

Service Project (SOC 101-CC4):
Students will apply the sociological lens to study issues in Rochester and will partner with a local agency to complete a project that addresses an issue of choice. (20 hours)S-11



SOC 200 - Social Problems | Course Descriptions | Monroe Community College
SOC 200 - Social Problems

An analysis of major social problems in contemporary society, their nature, development and social causes. The course examines the impact of problems such as poverty, crime, drug addiction and prejudice on the individual and society. Possible solutions for social problems are discussed. Three class hours. (SUNY-SS)

3 Credits

Prerequisite: SOC 101


Service Project (SOC 200-CC1):
Students will have the option of partnering with the City Planning office to gather data related to socioeconomic and political issues in Monroe County that will be used to support community action.  (15 hours - Option) S-11