Service Learning Courses in Health Education

Spring 2014

HED 115 - Death and Dying | Course Descriptions | Monroe Community College
HED 115 - Death and Dying

A study of the dying process, death, ceremonies and rituals in many cultures. Deals with issues of loss experiences, the fear of death, understanding reactions to death, near-death experiences, euthanasia, suicide, and current practices and trends in the care and treatment of the terminally ill. Three class hours.

3 Credits

Course Offered Fall and Spring

  • Service Project (HED 115-001, 002, 008):
    Students will have the option to participate in a hospice care environment, where residents of The Serenity House, Isaiah House, Webster Comfort Care and others have been deemed by a medical professional as having less than three months to live. While offering support as companions to terminal individuals, their family, and their friends; MCC students will learn hands-on the traditional philosophical and theological attitudes toward death, how persons and their families handle the dying process, the stages or phases of the dying process likely to be experienced by the terminally ill, cultural interpretations of death, religious perspectives on death, grief and coping, as well as become familiar with the needs of the terminally ill and how hospice is organized to meet those needs.
    (10 hours — Option) S-14