Service Learning Courses

Spring 2015

Course / SectionName of CourseHoursCRN
ART 206100 Commercial Illustration I10022673
BUS 104004 Introduction to Business2020078
COS 133CC2 Introduction to College Studies1026364
COS 133CC4 Introduction to College Studies1026681
CRJ 121CC1 Criminal Justice Education Internship I9020260
CRJ121CC2 Criminal Justice Education Internship I9023093
CRJ 121SL1 Criminal Justice Education Internship I9023094
CRJ 211CC1 Community Values & Administration of Justice2020279
CRJ211CC3 Community Values & Administration of Justice2020277
DEN 125110 Clinical Dental Hygiene II13527368
DEN 125111 Clinical Dental Hygiene II13527369
DEN 225110 Clinical Dental Hygiene IV13521552
DEN 225111 Clinical Dental Hygiene IV13521588
ECE 151CC1 Developmentally Appropriate Practice for Young Children1020914
ECE 250CC2 Infant and Toddler Development1026551
EDU 100002 Introduction to the Teaching Profession 1021130
EDU 100CC2 Introduction to the Teaching Profession 1026341
EDU 100CC5 Introduction to the Teaching Profession 1021146
EDU 150CC1 Performance & Presentation in Skills for Educators4025257
EDU 150CC3 Performance & Presentation in Skills for Educators4021158
EDU 200CC2 Foundation of Education2021181
EDU 200CC8 Foundation of Education2021175
EDU 208CC2 Guided Observation on Education2021181
EDU 208CC8 Guided Observation on Education2021175
ENG 101181 College Composition1029409
ENG 101C02 College Composition1020559
ENG 101C09 College Composition1020566
ENG 215003 Children’s Literature1020329
ESL 100001 ESOL Intermediate-Read Focus II1020697
HED 115001 Death and Dying 1020789
HED 115002 Death and Dying 1020792
HIS 104CC1 African-American History II1030527
HIS 112CC1 History of U.S. since 18651020459
HUM 112CC1 Basic Helping Skills 11521121
HUM 211CC1 Models of Helping11520612
HUM 211CC4 Models of Helping11520615
HUM 211CC5 Models of Helping11530080
HVA 101181 Basic Refrigeration Theory2022291
HVA 102100 Air Conditioning Theory2022295
HVA 102281 Air Conditioning Theory2022295
HVA 102300 Air Conditioning Theory2024844
HVA 105100 Electric and Motor Controls1026835
HVA 106100 Electric and Motor Conrols1022743
HVA 106181 Electric and Motor Conrols1022760
HVA 211181 Commercial Refrigeration2030293
HVA 211185 Commercial Refrigeration2030296
MAR 200002 Principles of Marketing2030827
MAR 200004 Principles of Marketing2027299
MAR 200008 Principles of Marketing2027303
MAR 201001 Dynamics of Selling2020280
PHL 103002 Introduction to Ethics1520546
PHL 103003 Introduction to Ethics 1520548
PSY 110001 Understanding Psychological Disorder2020689
SCI 131C10 Integrated Science for Future Teachers I523263
SCI 132C10 Integrated Science for Future Teachers II523383
SOC 101CC0 Introduction to Sociology2029412

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