Service Learning Courses

Fall 2015

Course / SectionName of CourseHoursCRN
ART 205100Commercial Illustration I10021105
COS 133C12Introduction to College Studies1015414
CRJ 121CC1Criminal Justice Education Internship I9020260
CRJ 121CC2Criminal Justice Education Internship I9010590
CRJ 121Sl1Criminal Justice Education Internship I9010468
CRJ 211CC1Community Values & Administration of Justice2020231
CRJ 211CC2Community Values & Administration of Justice2020297
DEN 115010Clinical Dental Hygiene I512390
DEN 115011Clinical Dental Hygiene I512392
DEN 115012Clinical Dental Hygiene I512394
DEN 115013Clinical Dental Hygiene I512396
DEN 215110Clinical Dental Hygiene III13512413
DEN 215110Clinical Dental Hygiene III13512413
ECE 152CC2Early Child Quality Practice1016644
ECE 250CC2Infant and Toddler Development1015379
EDU 100002Introduction to the Teaching Profession 1011185
EDU 100CC1Introduction to the Teaching Profession 1011174
EDU 100CC2Introduction to the Teaching Profession 1011157
EDU 100CC8Introduction to the Teaching Profession 1015381
EDU 100CL9Introduction to the Teaching Profession 1011143
EDU 150CC1Performance & Presentation in Skills for Educators4010439
EDU 150CC3Performance & Presentation in Skills for Educators4013161
EDU 200001Foundation of Education2021165
EDU 200CC2Foundation of Education2013162
EDU 208CC2Guided Observation on Education2010408
EDU 208CC4Guided Observation on Education2013167
ESL 100001ESOL Intermediate-Read Focus II1012554
HED 115003Death and Dying 1011494
HED 115004Death and Dying 1011498
HIS 103CC1African-American History I1020212
HIS 111CC2United Stats History I to 18651020246
HUM 112CC1Fieldwork in Human Services II 11516704
HUM 112CC2Fieldwork in Human Services II11516706
HUM 211CC1Fieldwork in Human Services III11510972
HUM 211CC2Fieldwork in Human Services III11510979
MAR 200013Principles of Marketing2016598
MAR 200014Principles of Marketing2016616
MAR 200018Principles of Marketing2016618
MAR 201181Dynamics of Selling2013048
PLS 299CC1Paralegal Internship9018422
PSY 201CC2Developmentel Psychology1010145
SCI 131C01Integrated Science for Future Teachers I511808
SVL 101CC1Service-Learning Seminar13516470

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