What is SSMIT?

Our Mission:

The mission of the Student Services Mid Management Initiative Team is to expand opportunities for mid-level professionals by strengthening relationships, enhancing collaborative efforts, improving communication, further developing leadership skills, providing interdisciplinary support, and expanding innovative opportunities that contribute to the college and community.

Vision Statement:

The Division of Student Services plays an important part of the student’s experience at Monroe Community College. In collaboration with others, the division promotes student success by offering exceptional learning opportunities, services, and activities. Mid-managers have a vital role to play with these efforts.

In December 2010, I formally endorsed the creation of the Student Services Mid-management Initiative Team (SSMIT). My vision for SSMIT was to support the development of an official mid-management “team” to strengthen relationships, enhance collaborative efforts, improve communication, further develop leadership skills, and provide opportunities for mid-managers to contribute to the division and college.

It has been rewarding to watch the evolution of SSMIT as a team develop and flourish as they collectively contribute to the same priority and goal: student success. Their progress and efforts are measurable and impactful for the division and students.

I am honored that these mid-managers are a part of the MCC family.


Susan M. Salvador, Ed.D.
Vice President, Student Services