Staff Development Activities

Here are some activities to use with your staff

SQ Reflection
Directions & Activity
Get to know your strengths through reflection. Use this activity shorly after reading your results to the StrengthsFinder Assessment.

SQ Verification
Directions & Activity

As you reflect on your StrengthsQuest results and what they mean, it is suggested that you talk with people who are close to you and who care about you. Call or email a friend or family member to discuss your results. The object is to see your gifts through another’s eyes.

SQ Guessing Game
Directions & Activity
Answer Key
Guess which 5 strengths belong to each of your colleagues. Great for a staff meeting kick off.
SQ Interview with a Colleague
Directions & Activity
Learn about your colleagues strengths and how better to interact with that person.
SQ Job Tasks
Directions & Activity
Identify which strengths your colleagues use to complete their job tasks.
SQ Dialogue with a Co-worker
Directions & Activity

Sometimes discussing strengths with a co-worker can help us to understand ourselves better.

SQ Identifying Strengths at Work
Directions & Activity

Have your colleagues spend some time focusing on what they do well and how their strengths play a part in that.

SQ Utilizing Your Strengths
Directions & Activity
Get your colleagues to think creatively about their strength development and learn how to use their strengths to enhance their job satisfaction and the quality of their work. Great for a staff meeting.
SQ Barrier Labels
Directions & Activity
Do your colleagues use barrier labels? In this activity, your colleagues are asked to consider if they discount the talents and the potential strengths of others.
SQ Complementary Partner
Directions & Activity

Partnerships are formed for a variety of reasons. One of the main reasons we form partnerships is to achieve something greater together that we could not achieve apart. Who could your colleagues form a complementary partnership with?

SQ Scavenger Hunt
Directions & Activity
Have your colleagues spend some time learning about each others strengths.

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