Model UN: How To Apply

Application to the Model U.N. is a competitive and challenging process, but don’t let that deter you! The application process is open to all interested MCC students. No pre-requisites are needed – just an interest in the world around you, a positive self-confident manner and lots of determination!

students voting at Model UN

  • First, students participate in the application process in the fall semester which includes completing an application, attending an informational session, and participating in an extensive interview by a selection committee. You should know that this program is highly competitive, and only twelve candidates are chosen yearly to participate. The selection committee looks for confident individuals who possess good communication skills and a general knowledge of the world around them.  They also look for students who are serious about their studies and who have at least a 2.25 GPA.

  • After being selected, students are sent a confirming letter and are invited to a reception in their honor to meet a few members of the faculty and staff of MCC.

  • Shortly thereafter, each student is asked to enroll in POS 234, which is taught during the spring semester. Some of the learning objectives of this class include:

    • Developing an understanding of the United Nations’ historical and current role in the international political system;

    • Gaining leadership skills that will encourage students to problem solve, negotiate, analyze, and use critical thinking;

    • Developing an understanding of the nature of politics and how it relates to nations working with international organizations;

    • Developing the capacity to analyze and explain the problems and potential solutions encountered in today’s international organization;

    • Undertaking an intensive study of one nation’s actual participation in the United Nations sessions as a means to develop analytical and researching skills. Students will use this research and discussion in effectively and accurately representing this nation at the NMUN Conference

    • A thorough preparation of each student for active participation in the yearly Model United Nations conference

Photo of screens at Model UN
  • The culmination of the class preparation is attendance at the National Collegiate Conference for the Model UN in New York City. The entire program is challenging, demanding and will definitely expand your horizons.

Check out our current brochure to apply!