Publications Center

The Publications Center, part of the Office of Student Life and Leadership Development, was designed to serve the publicity needs of student clubs, organizations and athletic teams. Created as a mini-learning laboratory, hundreds of students have developed the techniques and skills to promote an event, polish a flyer, or even create a magazine. Students also look to the Publications Center to develop and edit their club/organization websites. The possibilities are endless!

Getting to know us!
There are three basic ways to fulfill your publicity needs:

    Photo of students working on computers
  1. You may come to the Publication Center to complete projects on your own any time the office is open.
  2. Students have access to the Adobe InDesign3 Creative Suite software to create individualized projects, or may use software such as Microsoft Publisher. Technical assistance and advice is available if needed.
  3. For students without prior experience or who may need help with creativity in designing their project, hands-on guidance is available with a prior appointment.
  4. If you would like us to create your publicity materials, we ask that you complete a Publicity Request Form, stop in 3-129!

Appropriate lead times are very important, so please make sure you plan ahead.

Help us so we can help you

  1. Publicity Request Forms must be approved by an advisor BEFORE project plans can be discussed or implemented – NO EXCEPTIONS!
  2. Publicity request completion times will be assigned when your order is logged in. Simple flyers may be done in as little as five days, but for more complex assignments, estimated completion time will be given after your project is reviewed by the Publications Coordinator. Also, additional time may be needed for your project to be sent to the print shop – simple flyers require a minimum of two (2) days from the print shop and more complex projects may require a minimum of one week.
  3. Please do not bring food or beverages into the Publications Center.
  4. Our staff is ready, willing and able to assist you with your project. All we ask in return is that you show courtesy to other students who may be working in the office by allowing them to work quietly on their own project. We look forward to serving you.

Photo of students working on laptops in Publications CenterStudent Club and Organization websites are a very important promotional tool.Please visit the Publications Center during any open hours to learn how to update your club ororganization's website.We can help you to make a solid web presence for your group and in addition show you how to add photo galleries, newsletters, blogs, and other features.