• If you are taking 9 credit hours or more, you are enrolled in a basic accident insurance plan through A.J. Flood Companies,Inc, which provides limited coverage for accidents occurring on or off campus. This policy does not cover car accidents (which are covered by no-fault insurance) or work related accidents (which are covered by worker's compensation). See #4 below for more information.



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  • Monroe Community College has contracted with A.J. Flood Companies, Inc. to offer student illness insurance for purchase by MCC students.
  • If you are interested in purchasing this insurance, please contact the company directly at There you can view their plan brochure and costs, enroll online, waive the charge for the student accident and sickness plan online or obtain a claim form. 
  • If you have concerns regarding eligibility or purchase of the insurance, contact the A.J. Flood Co. Inc, representatives at:
    • Angela French at 1-800-734-9326 x225  or
    • Dawn Capozzoli at 1-800-734-9326 x 226      
  • HealthSmart is the claims administrator for A.J. Flood (i.e. they pay the allowable medical bills you incur).To check on the status of a claim already submitted, contact HealthSmart Claims Examiner         Therese Kennedy at:

      •  Phone: 330-576-9031 or  
      •  Email:




  • Non Urgent Situation:

    • If you have purchased the A.J. Flood insurance, or you have a covered accident, it is neccessary to obtain a signed HealthSmart claim form from Health Services to take to your doctor's appointment. You may call us at  585-292-2018 to obtain a signed claim form.
  • Urgent Situation:
    • Rochester Immediate Care (Henrietta location ONLY) is a nearby urgent care center that will bill the A.J. Flood insurance for those MCC students who have purchased the insurance or have a covered accident. This is helpful if you need care in the evening and on weekends and holidays.
    • You must bring a claim form with you, as well as your insurance card and MCC student ID card. Students must complete the form and check off the reason why a signature from Health Services was not obtained.


  • Emergency Situation: If you have purchased the A.J. Flood insurance, or you have a covered accident, please obtain the care you need and then proceed as follows:
    • All bills should be submitted to your primary insurance company first (i.e. Blue Cross/Blue Shield, MVP, United Health Care etc). Provide the health care service provider with your insurance information so they can bill the insurance directly; you are responsible for the copayments.
    • If you have an outstanding balance, or do not have a primary insurance, submit all bills to HealthSmart for review and payment (or ask if the provider/hospital billing department will do so).
    • In order for you to submit bills to HealthSmart directly, you need to mail them the following items:  
      • A completed claim form including your name, address, student ID number (M00 number) and and name of college.
      • All itemized medical and hospital bills.
      • Drug bills (not cash register receipts) showing prescription number, name of drug, date prescribed and name of person for whom the drug was prescibed.
      • Keep a copy of all paperwork submitted and send to:                            


        3320 West Market Street,

                                    Suite 100,                             

        Fairlawn,OH, 44333 
                                          Fax: 330-867-0827
    • Respond to any paperwork or inquiries from HealthSmart promptly after filing your claim to avoid a delay or denial of payment.
    • A claim must be submitted within 90 days after an injury or  sickness  has occurred in order for the claim to be considered.