Health Career Students

Health Services oversees the clearance process for clinical participation for all health career students. Certain health requirements must be met to protect both you and your patient in the following programs: Clinical Laboratory Technician, Dental Studies, Emergency Medical Services, Health Information Technology,  Nursing, Radiologic Technology, and Surgical Technology. The required documents are detailed below.

We strongly encourage you to:
  • Submit all of the documents as early as possible. The clearance process can take up to 72 hours so timely submission is important. The Health Services office is open year round, whenever classes are in session, to assist you.
  • Be sure all documentation has been fully completed by both yourself and your healthcare provider before submission.
  • Ensure that any paperwork sent in indicates which specific health career program you are in and has your name and student ID (M00) number on it.
  • Monitor your student email account, as an RN will review your health packet and contact you via your student email if anything else is needed.


    • INSURANCE-Nursing, Clinical Lab Technician (CLT), Dental Studies, Radiologic Technology  and Surgical Technology students  taking clinical courses must maintain health insurance.
    • You are automatically enrolled in the Student Health Insurance Plan by the college and the premium is added to your bill, unless proof of comparable coverage is provided. Please check with your individual departments for more information about the insurance waiver process. You may also waive online at The waiver deadline date is 08/15/2016.
    • deadline         
    • You may explore options for comparable insurance at the New York State of Health Marketplace website or by contacting one of the certified application counselors below to schedule a free appointment for assistance. Many MCC students qualify for the low cost or no cost insurance available through this program.

    Pamela Kennedy at 585-258-8361

    Sheila Forsett at 585-754-7011

    Tonya Outlaw at 585-746-4167

    • If you do not qualify for insurance through New York State of Health, all MCC students may purchase the MCC sponsored insurance through the  Allen J Flood. Co, Inc.


      • Choose the Health Career Physical Exam Packet for your program below.
      • You always complete the first half, your healthcare provider(HCP) does the rest. We will accept a computer generated physical exam form, however your HCP must also complete section 5 of the last page of our health packet. This is a NYS Health Department requirement.
      • If you do not have a HCP to complete the physical exam, there are many urgent care centers in the Rochester area that can assist you, click here.
      • Please be aware that religious exemptions from required vaccinations are not acceptable in clinical settings, per NYS Health Department regulations.
      • Nursing Program
      • EMS Program
      • Dental Studies Program
      • Rad Tech Program
      • Clinical Lab Tech Program
      • Surgical Tech Program
      • Health Info Tech Program

    Make sure your completed packet includes all of the following items so as not to delay your clearance for clinical:

        1. General student immunization requirements are met for MMR and Meningitis vaccine (within 5 years or signed declination).
        2. Hepatitis B vaccine series dates, or a signed declination.
        3. Tetanus Booster - within 10 years (Tdap is strongly recommended).
        4. PPD test results (tuberculosis skin test) done within the past year 

          OR If you have had a past positive PPD, please complete a Tuberculosis Screening form and submit proof of a negative chest x-ray done within the last 10 years.

        5. Flu vaccine is highly recommended for all health careers students for the protection of your patients, other staff and yourself. For clinical rotations, healthcare facilities will require you to wear a mask at all times during flu season if you do not have proof of receiving this vaccine.       

        6. Varicella – Proof of immunity to the varicella virus (chickenpox). This can be accomplished in one of three ways:

        Documented history of chickenpox disease from your healthcare provider,OR

        Positive varicella immune titer now or from any time in the past (lab requisition is available from Health Services if needed),OR

        Proof of two varicella vaccines given at least 28 days apart and on or after your first birthday.


You must submit the following information annually in order to continue in your program:

      1. Reassessment Form
      2. Tuberculosis Screening- either:
        • Official PPD (Tuberculin skin test) results with placement & read date (also offered in Health Services for second year students at no charge. We are here all summer to assist you) OR 
        • TB screening form (for those with a history of a past positive PPD)
      3. Flu vaccine (see above)
      4. Updated Tetanus if 10 years have passed since your last dose.
The staff in Health Services wish you success in your chosen health career and are available to facilitate the process of clearance for clinical participation in any way we can. If you have further questions, please call us at 585-292-2018.


Confidentiality: Your medical care and counseling at Monroe Community College Health Services are confidential. Health care records are kept separately from academic records. We do not release information outside of Monroe Community College without your written permission, except upon a court order, as required by law (as in the case of certain communicable diseases and reports of child abuse), or as required, in our judgment, to protect you or others from immediate physical danger.


Contact Information

Brighton Campus
Building 3, Room 165
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M-F 8:45 a.m. - 4:45 p.m.
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