Health Career Students

student studying vertebraeAre you anticipating a career in one of the Health fields offered at MCC?

You must meet additional health requirements to protect both you and your patients. Students who earn degrees or certificates in a medical career program are required to submit all of the following in order to be cleared to participate in the program:.

  • New York State Immunization Requirements
  • Physical Exam Packet (available here or from your medical career department)
  • Hepatitis B Series dates
  • PPD (Tuberculin skin test) placement & reading date - Annually
  • Tetanus Booster - within 10 years

Each student is required to submit the following information annually in order to continue in your program:

  • Reassessment Form
  • PPD (Tuberculin skin test) placement & reading date - Offered in Health Services for 2nd year students

The staff in Health Services wish you success in your chosen health career and are available to facilitate the process of clearance in any way we can

If you do not have a Primary Care Physician (PCP) to complete your Physical Exam, there are several clinics in the Rochester Area that can assist you, please click here.