Residence Hall Students

Res halls guysAs students living away from home for perhaps the first time, managing your health independently is one of your new responsibilities. Please take a moment to visit the How To Stay Healthy section of Health Services website for tips on how to live a healthy life in order to get the maximum from your college experience. For more information on living in the Residence Halls please visit the Housing & Residential Life webpage.


Speaking of staying safe, please visit our Emergency page and take a moment to program Public Safety’s phone number into your cellular phone and to program ICE (In Case of Emergency) contacts into your phone as well.

The staff in Health Services wish you good health during your college career and please don’t wait until you are sick or injured to stop by for a visit.

Immunization Requirements

New York State requires all students to submit immunization records. Please visit our Immunizations page for information on what is required, how to obtain the records, and what to do if you do not have the required vaccines.

You can also visit the New York State Department of Health's website for more information on the required vaccinations.

Health Insurance

In addition to the immunization requirements, Residence hall students are required to show proof of having health insurance. Please include a copy of your insurance card when you submit your immunization records prior to the beginning of the semester. If you are interested in purchasing insurance please review The Allen J. Flood Companies, Inc. insurance brochure and complete their on-line enrollment form.

If you have any questions or need assistance please contact Angela French at The Allen J. Flood Companies, Inc. at 800-734-9326 x225 or Dawn Capozzoli at x224.

Nurses in Health Service

Registered nurses are available to see students for basic illnesses/injuries during the hours of operation (M-F 8:45 am-4:45 pm). There is no fee to be seen. Please visit our Wellness Resources page.

If you are ill or injured after Health Services is closed, please refer to the guidelines for after hours care.

There are three registered nurses in Health Services that are available to students as a health resource. Please feel free to contact them with any questions or concerns.

Jacqueline Carson, Assistant Director, RN BSN

Sue George, RN

Jeanne Flanagan, RN BSN


Contact Information

Brighton Campus
Building 3, Room 165
Map to Student Health
M-F 8:45 a.m. - 4:45 p.m.
(585) 292-2018
Fax: (585) 292-3856