Personal Safety

MCC Public Safety BadgeMCC employs a Public Safety Department and takes security measures to ensure our students and employees are as free as possible from any threats to their safety or well being. Students and employees must assume responsibility for their own personal safety and the security of their personal belongings by taking simple, common sense precautions. MCC provides campus safety statistics per the Jeanne Clery Security Policy and Crime Statistics Act.

  1. While on campus, familiarize yourself with the location of your nearest exits, fire alarms, fire extinguishers, and emergency call boxes in every hallway.
  2. Alcohol and other mind-altering drugs can change the way you think, causing you to do things or act ways that you wouldn’t normally. This can put you in risky situations.
  3. While walking on campus, be aware of your surrounding, including the location of “blue” safety lights.
  4. Walk in pairs using the “buddy system” or use a Public Safety escort.
  5. Park under a light if you will be leaving campus after dark.
  6. Trust your gut and pay attention to your intuition.
  7. Learn what you can about date or acquaintance rape and how to protect yourself.
  8. Report suspicious, illegal, or potentially dangerous situations to Public Safety by calling x2911.

Every classroom has Health Services Emergency Guide for medical emergencies. Call 2911 for immediate assistance.

Health Services and Public Safety have several pamphlets about Safety on Campus, acquaintance rape, and abusive relationships.

For more information:

Domestic Violence

photo of girlMost people look forward to being in a relationship with another person for a variety of reasons.  Sometimes these reasons lead us to choose partners or relationships that are not healthy or are abusive.  For more information on healthy and unhealthy relationships go to

If you are currently in a relationship where you feel threatened or unsafe, please discuss your situation with Health Services, your health care provider, or call Alternatives for Battered Women at (585) 232-7353. Help is available. MCC's Counseling Center can also provide you with support.



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