The Division for Student Services is committed to complementing the mission of Monroe Community College to provide a center for Learning. 

Learning occurs outside as well as within the classroom. It is the Division's objective to work in partnership with other areas of the College by offering services, programs, and educationally purposeful activities in order to build an inclusive, supportive, intellectual, and engaging environment for students that augments classroom study. 

Through its many services, Student Services works closely with a variety of constituents in the community to enhance and create new partnerships. These external and internal relationships provide the groundwork for a focused learning community for students. 

The Student Services Division's commitment is to:

Provide opportunities for intellectual, personal, and social growth

Foster high ethical standards

Encourage participation of students as leaders in the College and within the community;

Promote diversity and a spirit of tolerance

Meet the contemporary needs of MCC students


  • The learning, and personal growth and development of all students
  • Uniqueness of every individual
  • Citizenship and civic responsibility for all students
  • Partnerships and collaborations that promote learning
  • Development of the lifelong learning process