Summer Session

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Can I use the courses I take in the summer toward my degree?
Yes, if the courses are required for your program, it doesn’t matter if you take them fall, spring, intersession or summer.

Do I have to apply to MCC to take a summer course?
No, you are welcome to take summer session courses at MCC whether you are matriculated here or at another college/university, or you just want to take a course for fun!

When do I pay my bill?
You can pay at the time of registration or by the due date on your bill.

Are payment plans available during the summer?
Yes, 50% is due by May 20 and the remaining 50% is due by June 20.

Can I get financial aid for my summer courses?
The Financial Aid office can tell you if you are eligible for financial aid for the summer session. Call Financial Aid at 585.292.2050.

Can I audit a summer course?
Yes! To audit a course, the appropriate form must be completed by the end of the Drop/Add period. Tuition and fees for auditing a summer session course are the same as auditing a credit course.

Can I transfer the course back to my four-year school?
In most cases, yes. Your home institution may require that you get its approval before you take a course here and transfer it. When you speak with your home institution, provide a copy of the course description. Course descriptions are available in the MCC Catalog and online.

Can I take more than one course in the summer?
Yes! Summer session courses are condensed, so keep that in mind when you schedule your courses.
If you have any questions, you can call the Counseling and Advising Center at 585.292.2030.

I’m an MCC student. If I repeat a course during the summer, will it replace the course I took in the fall or spring?
When a course is repeated, the last grade recorded (whether higher or lower than the original grade) will be included in your GPA. All courses and grades will appear on your transcript.

Are courses offered only during the day or can I take courses during the evening or on the weekend?
Course times and dates vary during summer session. Check the master course schedule for courses that are right for you.

How do I register for a summer course?
All students can register for summer courses online, in person, by mail or by fax. Click here for details.