Testing Information for High Schools

High schools throughout the country are choosing to use ACCUPLACER Placement Testing to help determine whether their academic interventions are working and to assist students with course selection.

At MCC, we are providing high schools in our area with the opportunity to purchase placement units at our cost. They're yours to use at your convenience to assess student level and progress. We also will provide you with proctor training of your personnel and give initial technical on-site support for testing. We do not need a list of student for testing as you will use the testing information for your own purposes.

To Request Testing or Proctor Training Contact:

Placement Testing at MCC

Availability & Costs
For seniors who have applied to MCC or who are interested in attending after graduation, ACCUPLACER Placement Testing is FREE. For all other students, we provide your high school with the opportunity to purchase test units at our cost. Once you purchase the units, you can administer the tests at your convenience.

To complete the testing order form the high schools will need their Site ID number. High schools can secure this by contacting MCC at testing@monroecc.edu.