Manila Overview

Carol Burritt
ETS Web Team
Ext 2633

Manila is an Internet server application that allows individuals or working groups to manage full-featured, high performance Web sites that include options such as memberships and discussion groups, through an easy-to-use browser interface. It allows you to build, maintain and publish a web site through a password protected browser interface, accessible on a 24/7 almost anyplace basis.

The Manila tool is available for faculty and staff to create web sites for clubs and organizations, special projects and working groups, or faculty/class sites.

Official MCC department Web sites are not created using Manila. If you are involved in the creation or maintenance of a department web site, contact the MCC Web team through the webmaster email, to discuss gaining access to the development web server, and the tools you will need for working with those pages.

Types of MCC Manila Sites

Faculty/Class sites

Clubs and Organizations

Special Projects/Working Groups

URLs/addresses of Manila sites at MCC look like this:, instead of

Getting Started

One way to get started with Manila, is to take a class. Track N: World Wide Web page Development with Manila, in the Ttechnical Training Schedule is a niche session for single users or groups that will give you the skills needed to quickly get started with a Manila Web site. To arrange a individual or group niche training session, contact Carol Burritt.