MCC Welding & Fabrication Programs

Welders are in demand in countless industries. With decades of few new workers entering the trades, vocations like welding are now left with an aging workforce, and a shortage of qualified workers. MCC Corporate College, Mahany Welding Supply, and the Rochester Arc + Flame Center and have partnered together to offer programs that provide the training necessary for entry into the exciting and rewarding field of welding. Currently, we offer two welding programs.

Welding & Fabrication Industry Certification Program

This program features training for MIG, TIG, Flux Core and Stick welding processes. On-site AWS Qualification training and testing is conducted to give students the ability to specialize in areas that will help them obtain their desired career. On average, most students graduate with two-dozen or more qualifications. The program also provides resume writing assistance, employer research techniques, and mock job interviews. To date, our graduates have been hired by over 80 different Rochester area employers.

Piping & Structural Tube Welding Classes

These fast paced courses are designed to provide the skills necessary to gain professional level qualifications for pipe and structural tube welding. Filler metals and piping materials for this course are included in the cost. Safety gear, welding hood and standard fitting tools are required and not provided. A complete supply list will be reviewed during the pre-registration meeting. All candidates will meet with the instructor for a pre-registration interview to review and verify sufficient basic skills to successfully complete the course.

How to Get Started

1. Attend an Information Session.

Call 585.349.7110 or info@rocafc.com and provide YOUR NAME, PHONE NUMBER and EMAIL. Sessions are held monthly at specific times and last 2-hours.

You will receive an overview of the course, tour of the facility and opportunity to ask questions of the faculty. www.Rocafc.com

2. Attend Final Interview.

Final interviews last approximately 1-hour and are held 2-4 weeks after you have attended an information session. You will complete a verbal and written evaluation with our Welding Director. The Rochester Arc + Flame admissions team will then evaluate your candidacy.

For more information, please contact Ross Micali, MCC Corporate College, at 585.292.3778.

Scholarship Opportunity: The Krupnicki Family Scholarship for Excellence in Welding

This scholarship is awarded to two students in the Welding & Fabrication Industry Certification Program per semester. Each student will receive half of the total program cost. An application will be sent upon registration. Please fill out and submit before the deadline indicated on form.