Faculty Resources

Faculty are encouraged to:

  • Refer students to the Writing Center for 15-minute walk-in sessions or 30-minute scheduled appointments
  • Choose from a variety of available in-class workshops or request one customized to your needs
  • Integrate tutoring into course curriculum
  • Provide specific assignment criteria for tutoring staff
  • Send students to College Hour Workshop Series
  • Schedule class tours
  • Utilize the student handout archive and related materials


If you would like to send a student to the Writing Center for specific help, i.e., content, ideas, structure, organization, documentation style, grammar, etc., referral forms are available from the Writing Center. Remember, be specific. If you do not want to use the form, the content of the tutorial session will be negotiated by the student and the tutor.

Course Curriculum Option

If you would like to send students to the Writing Center for tutorial assistance as part of your course requirement, please call the Writing Center at extension 3360 to make arrangements. We currently offer several options for you and your students. For example, you may want to offer students extra credit for coming to the Writing Center for one or more assignments, or you may want to require students to come to the Center for one or more assignments. However, to prepare for the volume of students frequenting the Center, arrangements must be made in advance.

In-Class Workshops

The Writing Center offers in-class workshops on a variety of subjects to assist you in your course planning. If you have special course needs and/or assignments, a workshop can be individually designed to meet those needs. Please call the Writing Center (x3360) to discuss and/or schedule a workshop to augment your course. All materials are provided by the Writing Center. If you would like an in-class workshop, the following are currently available:

The Writing Center Overview
This short, classroom presentation outlines the tutorial services provided by the Writing Center. Materials include: Writing Center Student brochures, bookmarks, etc.

In-Class Essay Exam
A thirty-minute workshop designed to help students deal with the stress and pressure of a timed essay exam. Practical tips and useful strategies are presented and discussed. Topics include: the pre-writing stage, the writing stage, tips to save time, key words in an essay exam, introductions and conclusions, and the thesis statement.

Literary Essay
In this workshop, students learn about the various kinds of literary papers, i.e., character analysis, interpretation, analysis of setting, technical analysis, and combined approaches. Practical tips as well as how to handle the mechanics of a literary paper are also covered.

How to Journal Effectively
Two kinds of journal writing are discussed in this workshop, journals as places for reflection and the reading journal. For the reflective practitioner, "journal starters" are provided to assist entry into the process. For the reading journal, a series of suggestions and questions have been designed to elicit a reaction to reading assignments.

Take-Home Essay Exam
Similar to the in-class essay exam, practical tips and useful strategies are presented and discussed along with sample questions in which various approaches and responses are examined. Topics include: key words in an essay exam, introductions and conclusions, and the thesis statement.

MLA/APA Documentation Styles
This is a workshop designed to assist students with the technical details associated with the college paper. Practical tips and exercises are employed.


Tours of the Writing Center are available upon request. Please call us at x3360 to schedule a brief tour.

Other Resources

Brighton Campus

Dr. Aubrey Zamiara, Director, Services for Students with Disabilities 1-231, x2140. Testing and other appropriate accommodations for students with documented disabilities, including the use of assistive technology. Referrals to Counseling and Advising, and to various Learning Centers for appropriate tutoring.

Don Beech, Cross-Cultural Counselor, Academic Support Services, 11-258, x2345. Registration and support for international students and English for Speakers of Other Languages.

Martha MacDonald, Senior Technical Assistant, Academic Support Services, Academic Foundations Learning Center, 11-211, x3396. Professional and peer tutoring in all disciplines by appointment.

Downtown Campus

Michael Johnson, Counselor, Student Services Center, 32-310D, x6157. Testing accommodations for students with documented disabilities.