Search Criteria

Since 2009, the MCC Board of Trustees has considered numerous sites for its new downtown campus, using the following criteria*:

  • Visible and Prominent MCC Presence: Strong preference given to sites which provide MCC a highly visible presence on a street front or prominence within a development site.
  • Site Configuration/Improvement: A parcel with a minimum 3 – 4 acre footprint is required. Sites providing the greatest flexibility for layout are of higher value. Vacant sites that are square or rectangular in configuration with two street exposures are a strong preference. Site topography offering minimal amount of earth work required. Minimization of environmental impact.
  • Accessible Parking and Public Transportation: Demonstrated access to public transportation and parking availability of adequate accessible parking to support the enrollment at the new campus is required.
  • Acquisition Availability: Sites that can accommodate ”fast-track“ acquisition and development are highly preferred. Single tax parcels or parcels with properties already consolidated will be given priority.
  • College Green: The preferred site should have enough space to accommodate a college green and facilitate a ”complete campus concept.“
  • Compatible Adjacent Land Use/Support Services: Location in the downtown area where existing land use and supportive retail services would benefit from, and add synergistic value to, the economic and educational stimulus provided by the new campus. Consideration must be given to actual and perceived public safety. Preference given to sites with proximity to existing cultural development.
  • Site Utilities: Access to public utilities including the Monroe County fiber network.

*not listed in any particular order