Search Process

For 20 years, Monroe Community College has been searching for a permanent downtown campus location that would be owned by the college. During that time, MCC has been a part of many proposals that combined downtown redevelopment efforts with the need for a more suitable campus. It has important for us to take our time, do it right, and give serious consideration to every option. We approached every proposal, every meeting, and every piece of paper with the following goal in mind -- to find a loction that we could own, that offers room to grow and expand in the future, that keeps us on budget, and allows us to continue providing a quality education for our students.

On Saturday, December 10, the MCC Board of Trustees felt that the best way to realize this goal was found, and passed a resolution recommending that our downtown campus move from its current location to properties at State Street and Morrie Silver Way currently owned by Eastman Kodak Company.

Downtown Campus Selection Timeline

Search Criteria