Our Vision and Commitment

After years of research and consideration, the MCC Board of Trustees unanimously recommended that our Damon City Campus move to properties at State Street and Morrie Silver Way in downtown Rochester. On the road to making this important decision, we kept the following goals in mind.

Student Success
MCC's downtown campus provides a much-needed option for students who are serious about educational achievement and prefer to attend classes in the city. These students deserve an educational experience that equals that of their peers at our Brighton Campus and offers the best possible opportunities for success.

Room to Grow
Enrollment at our Damon City Campus is over 2,600 students, larger than the undergraduate student bodies at some area four-year colleges. An expanded facility — one that we can own and maintain — offers better future educational experiences and allows us to create a collegiate environment equal to the drive and aspirations of our students.

Fiscal Responsibility
Throughout the search process, MCC has been very aware of its obligation and responsibility to Monroe County and New York state taxpayers. Our budget is $72 million; we selected a set of existing, well-maintained buildings that we are able to renovate within budget.

True Campus Ownership
Relocating to State Street and Morrie Silver Way allows MCC to own and customize its downtown campus. Ownership provides the opportunity to create and maintain a campus focused on students, in a fiscally responsible way.

Regional Benefits

MCC is a primary educator for the Western New York region. The most important economic benefit of our college, including our downtown campus, is the development of students into a strong workforce. The State Street site has the greatest potential to become a learning environment where MCC students can succeed, and to allow MCC to move the economic futures of our students, our city, our county, and our entire region forward.

  (updated October 2014)