Course Descriptions

PPE 271 - Issues and Perspectives in Sport Science

4 Credits

Designed to explore professional issues within the field of sport science. Topics such as sociological issues, physiology of exercise, and therapeutic exercise as they affect sport and sport participation will be explored. Four class hours, variable laboratory hours.

Prerequisites: PPE 170 or PPE 175, and permission of department.

Course Learning Outcomes
1.Critique selected readings on current social issues in sport and athletics.
2.Discuss diversity issues such as gender, ethnicity, and cultural attitudes within sport.
3.Evaluate current happenings with youth, scholastic and professional sport.
4.Assess the role of economics on sport and athletics in western civilization.
5.Estimate the historical influence of diversity issues on the institution of sport in western civilization.
6.Extrapolate the influence of social issues in various sport events.

Course Offered Fall and Spring

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