Course Descriptions

ELT 170 - Printed Circuit Layout and Fabrication

2 Credits

Students will be introduced to the techniques of fabrication of a printed circuit board. This includes the design of a printed circuit artwork pattern, the process of layout of an artwork positive on acetate, the making of a negative film of the positive artwork using a photographic process, and the fabrication of the printed circuit board from a copper clad board using photo-resist developing, and an etching process. Each student actually will go through these steps and build a small electronic circuit. One class hour, two laboratory hours.

Prerequisite: A general knowledge of electricity and electronics.

Course Learning Outcomes
To give students "hands-on" experience in techniques used in the layout of the artwork patterns used in the electronic circuit connections. To give students the opportunity to manufacture their own circuit board using a photographic process involving an assortment of chemical dissolving and etching reactions. In this experience students will be able to determine which of these procedures are critical and sensitive in order to gain foresight in manufacturing processes that are actually used in industry.

Course Offered Fall and Spring

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