Course Descriptions

OFT 111 - Intermediate Word

3 Credits

Development of formatting skills through Microsoft Word. Preparation of business documents including letters, memorandums, reports and tables, and an introduction to newsletters and electronic communication. Emphasis on proofreading, production, and mailability skills. Recommended for those who type more than 30 NWAM for five minutes within five errors. Students should have had a minimum of one semester of keyboarding instruction. Five class hours.

Prerequisite: OFT 110 or permission of instructor.

Course Learning Outcomes
1. Touch type with correct technique.
2. Demonstrate improved speed and accuracy at a rate of 40 net words a minute (NWAM).
3. Use Microsoft Word to efficiently produce a variety of documents which may include letters, memorandums, unbound and leftbound reports, tables, newsletters, charts, or diagrams.
4. Key from straight copy for five minutes at acceptable levels of speed and accuracy.

Course Offered Fall and Spring

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