Course Descriptions

ESL 100 - English for Speakers of Other Languages-Intermediate II: Reading Focus

4 Credits

This course emphasizes the development of reading comprehension of authentic, non-fiction material at the upper intermediate level and includes vocabulary study and discussions of current events in relation to American culture. Class and small group instruction. Six class hours.

Prerequisite: Placement at high intermediate level on proficiency tests.

Course Learning Outcomes
1. Demonstrate comprehension of unsimplified texts at the literal, interpretive, and applicative levels using appropriate reading strategies;
2. Demonstrate recognition of at least 75% of the 2800 most common words of college English;
3. Use an all-English dictionary to distinguish meaning appropriate to the context;
4. Distinguish main ideas from supporting details and arrange them in the form of an outline;
5. Restructure information in a variety of formats, including charts, timelines, graphs, and diagrams;
6. Demonstrate comprehension of news media by using background knowledge of American culture and current events;
7. Demonstrate recognition of cohesive devices in a text (pronouns, articles, transitions,synonyms and restatement) that help the reader follow the flow of ideas;
8. Give a written and oral summary showing comprehension of a text;
9. Identify the source, audience, and purpose of a reading.

Course Offered Fall and Spring

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