Course Descriptions

CSC 101 - Introduction to Computer Science

4 Credits

A first course in programming for the Computer Science student. Emphasis will be on program specification, analysis, problem solving and implementation using an object-oriented language such as JAVA. Topics include definitions of classes and objects, algorithm development and methods, primitive and reference data types, arrays, strings, and operators. Successful completion of this course with a C or better is required for further progress in Computer degree programs. Several major programming projects will be assigned to be completed outside of class and lab. Three class hours, two laboratory hours. Completion of this course with a C or better is required before taking any other CSC courses.

Prerequisite: MTH 172 or MTH 175, or CIS 100 and MTH 165, or MTH 165 and CPT 114, all with a grade of C or better

Course Learning Outcomes
1. Identify the primary components of a computer system.
2. Demonstrate proficiency in the binary number system
3. Develop algorithms, which require conditional and repetitive logic, using one of the followings: N-S Structure Charts, IOP chart, Flowcharts or Pseudo-code based on written and oral specifications.
4. Create a fault-tolerant computer program from an algorithm using the object-oriented paradigm.
5. Develop test data that evaluates all logic paths of the solution and trace the program manually.
6. Use and process data stored in single and multi-dimensional arrays, and arrays of objects.
7. Write a well-documented computer program that follows an established style.

Course Offered Fall and Spring

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