Course Descriptions

HSP 102 - Hospitality Service

4 Credits

Students will utilize service skills by interacting with customers and team members in an actual hospitality environment. In addition to this hands-on component, students will examine customer related skills in a classroom environment through the use of lecture, role play, and small group conferences. One class hour, four laboratory hours, one conference hour.

Course Learning Outcomes
1. State the uniqueness of the hospitality product
2. Demonstrate the ability to work with customers and team members
3. Operate a Point-of-Sale computer system
4. Identify the major aspects of service
5. Demonstrate the ability to handle cash and credit transactions
6. Prepare financial reports and make a bank deposit
7. Demonstrate problem-solving and decision-making skills
8. Practice and demonstrate leadership and supervisory skills

Course Offered Fall and Spring

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Fall Semester 2018