Course Descriptions

PSY 260 - Psychology of Health

3 Credits

This course explores the relationship between psychological factors and health issues. Traditional and complementary health care applications will be reviewed and evaluated. How do self-defeating thoughts, negative emotions (such as anxiety, anger, fear) and bad habits diminish health, vitality and longevity? Students will be encouraged to assess their own health patterns. Techniques for modifying lifestyle and managing stress are presented. Three class hours.

Prerequisite: PSY 101.

Course Learning Outcomes
1. Describe and identify examples of the application of basic psychological principles to seeking health care, compliance with medical advice, and living with chronic disease.
2. Analyze how stress and attempts to regulate stress (both adaptive and maladaptive, for example, smoking, drugs, exercise, diet and relaxation techniques) affect health and wellness.
3. Apply principles of behavioral medicine, including an analysis of long and short term consequences of health related behaviors, to the prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation of cardiovascular disease and cancer.
4. Analyze, with examples, how psychological principles can be applied in managing chronic pain and preventing injuries.
5. Design an individual health plan that applies the concepts of health psychology to achieve a personal health goal.

Course Offered Fall and Spring

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