Course Descriptions

OPT 233 - Advanced Dimensional Measurement

4 Credits

Instrumentation utilizing several technologies, including electronic pneumatic, optical, mechanical and nuclear are explored. Analysis and means for reducing systematic errors are studies as well as propagation of errors and methods of control, calibration and processing of data by various techniques and devices, including computers. Principles of design are used to develop optimum measuring systems. Three class hours, three laboratory hours.

Prerequisite: OPT 135 or permission of instructor.

Course Learning Outcomes
A course to acquaint the student with the history, philosophy, and current theories and practice used in high precision dimensional metrology, as applied in both laboratory and machine shop. Based on the international standard of length, systems of linear and angular measurement techniques are developed. Fundamental concepts are stressed, together with modern tools such as laser interferometers, and the role they play. Laboratory experiments are designed to demonstrate both tools and concepts

Course Offered Fall only

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