Course Descriptions

GEO 102 - Historical Geology

4 Credits

Historical Geology is the study of the history of Earth and life through time. It addresses the Earth's origin, evolution, changes in the distribution of lands and seas, growth and destruction of mountains, succession of animals and plants through time, and the developmental history of the solar system. Three class hours, three laboratory hours, field trips.(SUNY-NS)

Prerequisite: GEO 101 or permission of instructor.

Course Learning Outcomes
1. Summarize the formation of the solar system.
2. Infer changes in sea level from stratigraphic sections.
3. Summarize the evolution of oceans and continents on the early Earth.
4. Identify collected fossil specimens.
5. Identify structures on geologic maps using strike and dip data.
6. Reconstruct ancient environments using rock hand samples.

Course Offered Spring only

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