Course Descriptions

CPT 213 - Computer Systems Design Lab

1 Credit

Students will work in teams to solve an application and/or design problem selected from an intercollegiate design challenge or a student proposal approved by the instructor. The students will design and build a working prototype, create a design report, and make an oral presentation. Each student will be required to maintain a weekly ledger in the form of a lab book that details work performed and progress that is periodically reviewed and graded by the instructor. Three laboratory hours.

Prerequisite: CSC 202

Course Learning Outcomes
1. Apply knowledge learned in previous computer courses to propose a design solution to a given set of requirements.
2. Construct a working application prototype.
3. Evaluate the prototype’s design performance and document revisions as determined to be necessary.
4. Produce a detailed report that specifically highlights each team member’s contribution.
5. Compose an oral presentation of the design.

Course Offered Spring only

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Fall Semester 2018