Course Descriptions

HSP 202 - Introduction to Conference and Event Planning

3 Credits

This course is a comprehensive overview of the process of planning meetings, conferences and special events. Step-by-step organization, preliminary planning, site selection and timing strategies are among the topics to be discussed. Students will discover where conference and event planning fits into the overall scope of the hospitality industry. Three class hours.

Course Learning Outcomes
1. Explain the main participants in the meeting planning industry and their roles. Describe various types of events and their purpose
2. Create an event and corresponding budget. Describe necessary support services
3. Determine the best location for the meeting or event (country, city, hotel, convention or conference center, etc.)
4. Understand and articulate the main function of host properties and their duties
5. Plan and prepare a menu appropriate for a banquet
6. State the importance of legal and ethical issues related to this subject
7. Prepare a presentation for the promotion of an event
8. Demonstrate guidelines of service for banquets
9. Discuss types of electronic support that may be required for a meeting and how to obtain such services
10. Discuss methods for registering guests for the event and actual check-in process for pre-conference

Course Offered Fall and Spring

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