Course Descriptions

ESL 145 - English for Speakers of Other Languages - Multi-Skills II

4 Credits

A course at the higher level, that stresses the development of all skills, with particular emphasis on reading and writing. Instruction in a class and workshop setting, with special attention to individual needs. Placement at low-advanced level on proficiency tests required. Subsequent enrollment in ESL courses is determined by instructor recommendation or by testing. Five class hours; offered evenings only.

Prerequisite: ESL 125 with a grade of C or better; or placement at low-advanced level on proficiency test; or permission of Program Coordinator.

Course Learning Outcomes
1. Demonstrate an awareness of strategies to use in reading for pleasure and also reading for academic purposes.
2. Discuss a variety of material, including current events and academic journals.
3. Present orally a summary of the semester long library research project.
4. Write a library research paper, based on summaries of books and magazines and interviews with experts in the field.
5. Demonstrate clarity in writing through self-editing and massive amounts of daily writing (10,000 words at the end ofthe semester.)
6. Demonstrate ability to recognize and use more English vocabulary.
7. Use a computer for word processing and e-mail.

Course Offered Fall only

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