Course Descriptions

BIO 252 - Topics in Biology Seminar

1 Credit

A discussion based seminar course that will integrate and apply biological concepts. Emphasis will be on discussing current scientific issues, library/internet instruction and research, student presentations, and developing technology and teamwork skills. One class hour.

Prerequisite: BIO 156 with a grade of C- or better and one 200 level Biology course with a grade of C- or better, or permission of instructor.

Course Learning Outcomes
1. Read and summarize articles on selected scientific topics.
2. Discuss issues associated with selected scientific topics.
3. Prepare and give an oral presentation on a selected scientific topic.
4. Develop library/internet research skills.
5. Explain some of the applications of scientific databases.
6. Demonstrate proper documentation of sources.
7. Demonstrate the use of current presentation software.
8. Develop teamwork skills by planning a group presentation.

Course Offered Spring only

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