Course Descriptions

OFT 201 - Advanced Word II

2 Credits

Advanced formatting skills of complex business documents utilizing Microsoft Word applications. Orientation to collaborative work concepts. Topics covered include graphics, complex mail merges, electronic forms, macros, and long document production utilizing master and subdocuments. Projects integrate decision-making, problem-solving, and language arts skills. Continued development of speed and accuracy. Three class hours.

Prerequisite: OFT 112 with a grade of C- or better.

Course Learning Outcomes
1. Produce mailable business documents.
2. Type straight copy for five minutes with a maximum of five errors at rates of 50 – 65 net words a minute (NWAM).
3. Utilize various graphic tools to create professional looking newsletters.
4. Develop form documents to use in an office setting.
5. Apply critical thinking and problem solving skills in the creation of professional business documents.
6. Build a professional portfolio.

Course Offered Fall and Spring

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