Course Descriptions

ESL 158 - English for Speakers of Other Languages: Oral Communication

3 Credits

A course emphasizing the skills needed for effective communication in social and academic settings. Students will improve listening skills and oral fluency through discussion, role play, interviews, oral presentations, and aural activities using various media. Four class hours including class and small group instruction.

Prerequisite: Placement at the low advanced level on proficiency tests, or permission of program coordinator.

Course Learning Outcomes
1. Use appropriate language to interact socially with native English speakers with ease and fluency;
2. Demonstrate appropriate strategies for overcoming comprehension gaps, such as giving and requesting clarification, paraphrase, and repetition;
3. Demonstrate confidence in approaching strangers to seek information;
4. Conduct an in-depth, open-ended interview and converse at length on one topic;
5. Demonstrate ability to recognize and make use of transitions and discourse markers that show the flow of ideas;
6. Prepare and deliver a 15 minute presentation that effectively communicates and engages an academic or professional audience;
7. Demonstrate ability to recognize the critical features of English pronunciation that interfere with effective communication, and identify individual problem areas.

Course Offered Fall and Spring

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