Course Descriptions

FSA 230 - International Cuisine: Advanced Food Prep

3 Credits

A hands-on laboratory experience to provide students the opportunity to operate a successful food service operation based on the preparation and service of dishes that represent a variety of the world's cultures. Students will work in teams to research specific regions, develop appropriate production methods, and market and produce an authentic prix fixe menu to serve to the college community and the public. One class hour, four lab hours.

FSA 103 with a grade of C or better and FSA 106 with a grade of C or better, or permission of department

Course Learning Outcomes
1. List common ingredients and flavors from various cultures.
2. Identify the characteristics of several of the world's major taste profiles.
3. Employ a variety of cooking methods to produce quality food products.
4. Examine how physical and geographical factors contribute to cultural food identity.
5. Evaluate the fiscal success of restaurant production and service.
6. Develop an effective presentation portfolio of their collective effort.

Course Offered Fall only

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