Course Descriptions

GEO 200 - Geology of the National Parks (formerly GEO 150)

4 Credits

This lecture and laboratory course explores the geological processes and earth history responsible for the development of the iconic landscapes found within the National Parks System, including Arches, Bryce Canyon, Grand Canyon, Great Smokies, Mammoth Cave, Shenandoah, Yellowstone, Yosemite, Zion National Parks, and others. Three class hours, three laboratory hours. (SUNY-NS) Course offered Fall of odd years

Prerequisite: GEO 101 or permission of instructor.

Course Learning Outcomes
1. Summarize the purposes of creating national parks.
2. Identify iconic features preserved within national parks discussed in this course.
3. Identify rock and mineral samples present in some national parks.
4. Interpret data collected from topographic or geologic maps or geospatial imagery of national parks discussed in this course.
5. Explain the relationships among plate tectonics, the rock cycle, and landscapes preserved within parks covered by this course.
6. Predict how surficial processes will influence geologic features in the future based on observations.
7. Explain ways that human activities influence the preservation of the national parks.

Course Offered Fall only

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