Course Descriptions

TVL 131 - Documentation in the Tourism Industry

3 Credits

Extensive examples and exercises will provide students with the essential information they will need regarding the fare and ticketing process. Detailed coverage of manual and automated ticketing will be covered including special ticketing procedures, exchanges, and refunds. All ticketing formats and entries contained in this course are in strict accordance with the ARC INDUSTRY AGENTS' HANDBOOK. The Airline Reporting Corporation (ARC) establishes industry-wide standards for the sale and completion of all airline-generated documents. Three class hours.

Course Learning Outcomes
1. Define at least four important functions of the Airline Reporting Corporation (ARC) as it relates to travel agency operations
2. Identify airport codes, airline codes, airline numeric codes and aircraft codes
3. Define and compare nonstop, direct, on-line and interline connection flight service
4. Describe the following types of restrictive airline fares: discounted, one-way standard excursion, non-refundable and instant purchase, in terms of their typical conditions, restrictions and inventory control
5. Read and interpret automated fare scans, fare quotes, fare basis codes and itinerary price displays, in terms of the important information needed to prepare airline documents from the automated computer reservation screen display
6. Complete a refund/exchange notice for: full ticket refunds, partial ticket refunds and ticket exchanges involving refunds and/or additional collections
7. Prepare the appropriate documents and describe the procedure that accompanies the preparation of each ARC document: using required format as stated in the Industry Agent Handbook

Course Offered Fall only

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