Human Services

Certificate Program

The Certificate program in Human Services is designed for men and women who want to learn the skills and attitudes that are needed for employment and for upgrading in human service positions, but who do not want to undertake the supporting academic courses required for the college degree.

The Certificate is awarded to people who complete four seminar courses in Human Services and the Field Work that accompanies each of these seminars. Four semesters are required to complete the program.

Certificate holders may go on to earn the A.A.S. Degree in Human Services or the A.S. Degree in Liberal Arts and Science: General Studies by adding to their programs Liberal Arts courses appropriately distributed according to the requirements for the degree they are seeking.

Students must be qualified (by Accuplacer) to take ENG 101 in order to register for HUM 101 and HUM 111. There is an extended option for students taking Transitional Studies courses in reading/writing.

(Housed in the Human Services Department)

Distribution RequirementsCredit Hours
FIRST SEMESTER: 6 Credit Hours
HUM 101 Introduction to Human Services* AND 4
HUM 111 Field Work In Human Services I*2
HUM 102 Basic Helping Skills*** AND 4
HUM 112 Field Work in Human Services II***2
THIRD SEMESTER: 6 Credit Hours
HUM 201 Models of Helping**** AND 4
HUM 211 Field Work in Human Services III****2
HUM 202 Human Service Systems**** AND 4
HUM 212 Field Work in Human Services IV****2

* A minimum grade of C- or higher is required in All HUM courses to graduate from the program. HUM 106 and HUM 116 can be substituted for any other HUM course.
*** HUM 106, 116 can be substituted.
**** HUM 106, 116 can be substituted or a student may substitute any 2 of the following electives totaling 6 credits for HUM 201, 211 or HUM 202, 212: Any ECE, ACD courses and HUM electives with the exception of HUM 100.

For information related to cost, success rate, and student debt in this program, please visit Human Services - Gainful Employment Information.